401K services

A 401K plan can be a powerful tool in promoting your employees’ financial security in retirement. Sometimes it can be all that they have. As registered investment advisers (RIA)* we can offer many services that broker-affiliated representatives cannot.

  • HOLISTIC ASSESSMENT & ADVICE — Each of your employees has unique circumstances and needs that go well beyond their 401k investments.  We will meet with them individually, then provide them with a confidential assessment of their financial situation and desired outcomes, and a plan to meet their goals.
  • FIDUCIARY SERVICES — As registered investment advisers, we are held to a higher fiduciary standard: to always act in the best interest of our clients. This status allows us to assume responsibility for investment selection and monitoring. It also allows us to go beyond providing education to participants, to actually offering advice on what they should do.
  • PLAN DESIGN & BENCHMARKING — Whether your 401k has been in place or is new, we will benchmark it against best-in-class plans, offer advice on improving its design.
  • PARTICIPANT EDUCATION — We give you an overview of key retirement planning concepts, guide you in how best to make use of the plan, and thoroughly explain your investment options.
  • INVESTMENT SELECTION & MONITORING — We select plan investment options, monitor their performance, and make changes as necessary. Because we are totally independent, we are not forced to populate the plan with products a parent company has mandated. Rather, we are able to select the best investment options out there. We constantly monitor our selections and make changes as necessary, providing you with quarterly reports that reflect our current thinking.

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* RIA firms register with the Securities and Exchange Commission or state securities regulators and are subject to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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