Holistic Financial Planning

FINANCIAL PLANNING — We begin by developing a Financial Plan that is unique and specific to you. Unlike most others in our field, we don’t charge an additional fee for this service — we see it as a key part of providing complete advice.

The Financial Plan has two benefits. First, it lets us bring your future into the present, so we can do something about it today; second, it involves a process that’s invaluable, because by working through it we really get to know you. We make sure we understand your goals, your tolerance for risk, and your personal relationship with money.

Process WheelINVESTMENT MANAGEMENT -This is our core service. Because each client has unique needs and circumstances, before we build a portfolio we’ll analyze every aspect of your current financial situation, along with the outcomes you desire. This process leads us to draft a well-conceived Investment Policy Statement — and that guides all the investment decisions made on your behalf.

We are goal-based investment managers: we customize your portfolio to meet your specific goals. Our focus is not on competing against random benchmarks, it’s on raising the probability of meeting your objectives. Because we develop a thorough understanding of how and when you hope to use each of your assets, we can allocate your investments in ways that maximize return, reduce risk and minimize expenses and tax exposure.

We allocate investments across a global range of strategies, finding best-in-class vehicles for every component in your portfolio. Each portfolio that we build is unique, but all are developed with a bias toward value investments — those that are priced well in relation to the company’s underlying assets and current profitability. We have seen this approach stand the test of time.

COLLABORATION WITH KEY PROFESSIONALS — To help us support and care for our clients, we work as needed with proven professionals in estate planning, tax planning, insurance, and health care. By collaborating with people we trust and respect, we can make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction — for our client’s benefit.

CASH FLOW ANALYSIS — Whether your investments are aimed at funding your expenses today or your plans for tomorrow, it’s critical to understand your cash flow.

Building your wealth relies in part on getting your income, spending, debt payment, and taxes all in sync, working together. Our cash flow analysis ensures that your plans — for retirement, career change, education funding, and/or any other major life event — are achievable and sustainable.

 TAX OPTIMIZATION — Along with using tax-efficient strategies in an investment portfolio, we’ll work with your accountant to make the best use, within your cash-flow situation, of additional techniques for streamlining your tax obligations — for example, Social Security withdrawal strategies and tax-deferred investment contributions.

 BUSINESS PLANNING & BENEFIT SOLUTIONS — For clients who are business owners, our years of experience and background in corporate finance enable us to be a first-rate resource. We can act as a sounding board and consultant for any business considering a major initiative, like succession planning or a merger/acquisition. We also serve as plan advisor and fiduciary for business owners who wish to establish or manage retirement plans for their employees.



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