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Please check out the articles below for our perspective on recent events and their potential impact on financial markets.

Market Perspective December 2013:  The bull market continues to run with the Dow and S&P 500 indexes both near all-time highs.  But that’s not what’s prompting me to write this note to you.  More fundamental and, therefore, more interesting are the latest economic numbers.

Market Perspective June 2013:  Much Ado About Nothing.

Market Perspective May 2012:  I warned in our outlook for the year that 2012 could end up looking a lot like 2011. I could hardly imagine being so right. After another positive start to the year, the fiscal crisis in Europe again dominates investor attention and threatens to bring economic growth to a halt. Global stocks lost an average of 10% in May, leaving us about where we started the year. For nervous investors, it’s déjà vu all over again.

Market Perspective February 2012:  The stock market is off to a blazing start in 2012.   What’s next?

Market Perspective December 2011:  Employ a barbell strategy to remain invested in the stock market while dealing with volatility.

Market Perspective August 2011:  Fear has come to dominate the financial markets.

Market Perspective July 2011:  Recent market volatility reflects very significant short-term risks, but stocks still look attractive for the long-term.

Market Perspective April 2011:  Most financial assets appear at least fully-valued.  Large dividend paying stocks have the least downside risk.

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